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Together: A Collaborative for Theological Education, Formation, and Community, is cosponsored by Catholic Theological Union (CTU) and the Religious Formation Conference (RFC).


Together is a cohort-based, residential theology program for religious sisters and brothers in temporary vows and for newly finally professed religious who are willing to commit to full participation in all three program components: theological education, formation, and community


Together participants will enroll in a graduate theology program at CTU, share community in a designated space in the residence hall, and participate in ongoing formation together as an inter-congregational, intercultural, and intergenerational cohort. It consists of at least one full year of study that would lead to a certificate in an area of theology/spirituality, or two to three years of study that would allow participants to earn a master's degree in theology, pastoral studies or divinity.



  • Participants will acquire fundamental knowledge in theology, Scripture, and ministry that will form the basis of their ministerial lives and a foundation for further learning.

  • Participants will form relationships with other new religious and thus build a supportive structure as they continue to live religious life.


  • Participants will develop a firm foundation in theology, Scripture, and ministry and strengthen their ability to make applications in their personal, communal, and ministerial lives.

  • Participants will acquire increased knowledge and literacy in how Scripture informs their spirituality and ministries.

  • Participants' understanding of their congregation's charism and mission will grow to incorporate those of other participants as well as the broader charism of religious life.

Letter from RFC and CTU

We invite you to read a letter from the Religious Formation Conference (RFC) and Catholic Theological Union (CTU) inviting women and men religious to participate in the Together community.

Program Coordinator



Sister Maribeth, a Dominican Sister of Adrian, Michigan, was born and raised on Chicago's South Side. She completed a PhD and STD at the Catholic University of Leuven in Leuven, Belgium. For most of her religious life, Sr. Maribeth has taught Biblical Studies at Kenrick Seminary, St. Louis, MO; St. Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology, Wickliffe, OH; and the Aquinas Institute of Theology, St. Louis, MO. She has also served as her Congregation’s Director of Formation, visiting her sisters in the Dominican Republic and the Philippines. In addition to her work in academia, Sr. Maribeth has given talks, workshops and retreats to various parishes, dioceses, and religious congregations, and has published in a variety of journals and books.


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